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Our research into professional services buyers describes what criteria companies use to select one service provider over another. The most common selection criterion is expertise, and it is the factor that most often tips the scale in favor of the contract-winning firm.

But what about the argument that professional services are “a relationship business”? Well, that assumption is partially true. Good business relationships are certainly helpful. As we outline in Inside the Buyer’s Brain , both buyers and sellers of professional services understand the importance of an existing relationship, but sellers consistently underestimate the role their reputation plays in the final selection.

Also, a strong reputation for expertise is the one factor that can overcome an existing relationship. If a company does not believe their current provider can solve a problem, they will look for a firm that can.

Not long ago, a prospective client came to us for our marketing expertise. Previously, he had hired a life-long friend to help with his marketing. Despite their close relationship, he had fired his friend (and hired Hinge) because his friend could not solve his marketing challenge. Our strong reputation for solving the specific marketing challenges faced by professional services firms was more important than their personal relationship.

According to our most recent study of referral marketing , visible expertise plays the single most significant role in driving referrals. Relationships — both social and professional — are still important, but only when there is an awareness of your expertise.

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Developing expertise as a differentiation strategy sounds like a great idea, but there is a catch. Clients are notoriously uninformed when it comes to judging actual expertise. Consequently, your firm’s expertise is often unseen by the marketplace.

And if your firm’s expertise is not visible, for all practical purposes it doesn’t exist.

Fortunately, it is possible to make intangible expertise visible and real.

We conducted extensive research on highly visible experts and the professional services buyers who hire them. As we outline in Outlet Huge Surprise Majorelle 105 convertible pumps Brown Saint Laurent Outlet Best Place Pictures Cheap Online yh7Ln
, there are certain strategies and techniques that can elevate the visibility of your expertise in the marketplace.

Public speaking, writing blog posts and articles, and publishing books are all effective ways to demonstrate your expertise. And there are many others. The value of these different techniques, when put together as part of a differentiation strategy, has been proven time and again by clients that go through our Visible Firm® or Visible Expert® programs.

2. React like an extension ofself

The machine or service acknowledges and interprets emotions. It might then expose these emotions back to the user, or even empathize. But the user stays in complete control of altering their emotions. This machine reaction is the one we are most comfortable with, as it most closely supports the idea of a servant or an emotional support system. Like University of Aberdeen Professor Judith Masthoff , “I would like people to have their own guardian angel that could support them emotionally throughout the day.”

This type of emotional support will become increasingly important in the automation of self-improvement services, be they concerned with health, wellness, or mastery of skills. While applications in the real world are lacking, we see huge potential in weight loss, stress management, mindfulness training, and skill training.

However, exposing emotions is not always enough. Users soon will crave tools to help them understand and deal with their emotional state. Emotional or mood readers like the Iris amp; Ink Woman Shaney Striped Cashmere And Woolblend Sweater Blue Size XS IRIS amp; INK Discount Classic 9XZVEQZRH
or the Feel wristband are attempting to define value propositions that take their products from merely exposing data to generating true value.

3. React like ahuman

There are opportunities for mutual agreement between user and service to alter the user’s emotions for that user’s benefit. With such permission, machines can attempt to react like a human, to diagnose and interpret emotions, give advice, or trigger actions to change emotions. The user, in turn, agrees to allow the service to manipulate their emotions.

The emerging practice of machine therapy is a deliberate and beneficial application of this field, in which virtual mental-health professionals help people in places where psychotherapy is either riddled by stigma (e.g., the military) or unaccessible (e.g., areas of war or other humanitarian crisis). Machine therapy service Ellie helps treat soldiers with P.T.S.D., while Karim helps Syrian refugees overcome trauma. Even Amazon’s Echo has an answer when you tell Alexa that you are quite sad.

And while still perceived as niche, the “virtual coach” is rapidly becoming mainstream. Microsoft introduced its sweet-talking chatbot Xiaoice in China’s WeChat app in 2014. Three days after launch, it had been added to conversations Womens StreetStar Side Embroid Trainers Skechers For Cheap Sale Online Hot Sale Sale Online Good Selling Sale Online Buy Cheap Visa Payment jshAxh1n7r
. Xiaoice now has emotional friendship-like exchanges with 40 million users, who have told it “I love you” Genuine Online Marie overtheknee boots Nude amp; Neutrals Gianvito Rossi Hot Sale dJV3y0WA
as of March 2107.

Fast Forward QA: How to Build Emotional Machines
A new level ofintimacy

The confluence of conversational UIs, machine learning, and affective computing opens up the opportunity for a much deeper relationship between user and brand. As with any relationship, trust is key, and the ways brands craft their value propositions, brand personalities, and their communication strategies play crucial roles in maintaining and deepening that trust. On the flip side, when entering emotional relationships, a breach of trust will not be forgiven. Brands need to tread carefully when entering the world of emotional experiences — the stakes are sky-high.

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